Introducing Beatriz P. Martín

After years of my professional life being dedicated to audiovisual media production, I decided to completely turn my career around in 2012, opening my own atelier and shop in Seville, my birth town, where I teach knitting and crochet: devanalana

After years of study and practice in new knitting techniques, along my innate interest in fashion, I decided to work full time in hand knit garment design. My experience in media and culture production have allowed me to create my own pattern editorial line.

Our team has three members: Amaya, who translates the patterns to English and runs the website and the English side of our Social Networking, Nacho who does all the photography work and produces the video tutorials that I release to support my designs and myself, doing all the designs and writing the patterns.

My personal motivation to become a hand-knit designer are: my passion for fashion, for the hand knitting world and my views and belief that the DIY and Slow Fashion movements can transform the economics of the irresponsible and out of control consumerism that is depleting the natural resources of the planet.

Our website English translation is still a work in progress, as we want to reach a wider audience at here at There is still some yarn for sale here, but I am downsizing the number of brands as I have decided to work full time on teaching and designing, focusing my resources on producing more video tutorials and more self published designs.

I also run my own Ravelry shop, and can be found on Etsy, and my social networks: Instagram  and Facebook where you can get to know me a little better.