Beatriz, dueña de devanalana con un jersey de diseño propio


Devanalana is born from our passion, or plain need perhaps, to create garments and unique, personal objects. Our elements: needles, natural fibers and fashion, all three in identical proportions.

Our aim is to spread that passion. We offer current designs and a curated range of natural yarns to knit them. We are convinced that a hand knit garment has authenticity and personality, values lacking in today’s retail shelves.


Devanalana was born around 2012, as a space in the very heart of Seville where to learn how to knit and to get to know natural yarns that, at the time, where not being distributed in our city. A starting point born in both determining but adverse circumstances.

Every knitter learns to value time, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and without even knowing, impatience becomes patience, urgency turns to calmness and life gets its own rhythm back.

The path that brought me here has taken its days, months and years, and what started as a small LYS now walks towards a more ambitious proposal that incorporates hand knit garment design as its main activity.

The future is, as usual, uncertain. But we like challenges: they feed our drive to strive and today, just as 5 years ago, we start on this path from the south of Spain to all over the world.


Beatriz: Fundadora de devanalana, profesora y diseñadora de punto y ganchillo en devanalana

Beatriz Pérez Martín

Seville in her heart and the world in her soul. Trained in Media and Communications, she’s a fashion, needles and natural yarns enthusiast. She founded devanalana in 2012, teaches knitting and crochet and started designing her own patterns in 2014, commercially in 2016.

Eva: profesora y diseñadora de punto en devanalana

Eva Díaz Rubiano

A purebred Sevillian, she teaches knitting and crochet. A student in devanalana for 4 years, she masters our methodology and pattern interpretation. No craft is foreign to her expert hands: she sews, embroideries, knits and she does it all masterfully! She is now starting to design patterns and is specialized in baby and children’s clothing.

Ascensión: profesora y diseñadora de costura en devanalana

Ascensión López (Titina)

Trained in Industrial Design and Industrial Pattern Design, she teaches our sewing classes, with 7 years experience in teaching and more than 28 in the fashion world. She specializes in casual fashion, and makes patterns and designs for our students and helps adapt them so that they can sew her own clothes.



Our embroidery teacher, she’s a professional embroiderer, having had a lifelong teaching career for the City Hall in Cádiz, where she is originally from.

Amaya: tejedora, traductora y webmaster en devanalana

Amaya Rodrigo

Amaya is a madrilian that moved to Seville for love. With a career in IT, originally trained as a translator and a wholehearted knitter, she translates the patterns to English and runs our website. She has 5 rescue cats and more yarn than she should. If you are into Free Software you may have already met her.

Curro, la mascota perruna en Devanalana


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